5 tips on working efficiently from home

It’s been 2 weeks since the quarantine has started in Montreal so I thought I’d share some of my tips on how to work efficiently at home since most of us are stuck doing that right now. Many of you might not be used to working outside of the office but this will help you get serious and productive! Here are my main tips on how to work well from home:

1. Don’t stay in your PJs

It’s important to imitate the routine you normally have for work at the office but at home, such as getting dressed, taking minimum care for your looks or doing your usual morning exercise before work. Your brain will then register it as work time. Being in your pyjamas will make you feel too comfortable and lazy, and it is too easy to crawl back to bed. Dress up cutely if you want to, even at home. As long as it makes you feel good, why not?

2. Clear your work space

I believe that clutter affects your mind in a way that it can stress you and make you lose focus very easily. That is why I like to keep my desk as empty as possible with the things I only need for work and anything that could be in my working view. By doing that, you are removing all obstacles to a good working day!

3. Mute and put away your phone

We easily get distracted by our phones and social media. By muting your phone, your work will not be interrupted by notifications and it won’t make you feel like you need to check them. You should also place your phone in a spot where you would need to get up and physically move in order to use it. That way you are less tempted to reach for your phone. Of course some people’s careers, like mine, might require being on their device so I recommend muting it and scheduling a separate work time that requires the phone. I will get more into it in the next point!

4. Set goals & deadlines

I highly recommend writing down the goals that you want to achieve for the day and giving them deadlines. If you don’t have any, your mind will think that you have all the time to do the work and it is not true. Briefly calculate in your head how long each job should take you to do and make a work schedule to follow throughout the day. You’ll be on top of your things and checking off the list rapidly.

I personally also find it better when they’re written on a piece of paper next to me than having a document that you need to switch back and forth on the screen. It is always there to see and to remind you what you have left to do and that time is limited.

5. Take regular breaks

Sitting for too long is never good for you so it’s important that you stretch and give your eyes a rest once in a while. It will make you stay refreshed and more awake for work. Take one short nap or shower if you have to (15 mins max). By taking breaks you will be able to look at things with fresh eyes.


I hope these tips were helpful to you and that it will change the way you work by applying them! These advices also work for students who are stuck at home continuing their semester online. If you have any other good tips on working from home, don’t hesitate to share them with everyone in the comments below!