TUO Cutlery Knife Review

Being confined at home was a huge obstacle for any food blogger and content creator. The pandemic has made me turn to the kitchen and got me interested into the art of cooking. As I am also planning to move out soon, I’ve been looking to buy new kitchen tools for my new home. Luckily TUO cutlery were so kind to send me the Santoku knife for me to review and try!

Before we jump directly into the review, I wanted to brief about the brand and its background. The name TUO in the Chinese language means “to explore and adventure”. Their branding focuses on pursuing higher quality products and excel in customer service. They were rewarded as “China Good Design” in 2018, and the kitchen knife of the year in Blade Show of the city of Atlanta in 2019. They export their products to more than 50 countries and regions in America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Southeast Asia!

The knife that I received is called the Santoku knife from the Ring Lite Series. If I were to judge by its appearance, the knife has a very sleek and premium look. I love the design of the handle and the detail on the top edge. It looks like one of those knives that a chef would own.

I tested the knife on several vegetables and fruits and the cutting went very smoothly. The way it’s been designed gives a smooth circular motion and the knife is very sharp so I didn’t have to put too much pressure. The shape of the handle makes it very comfortable to hold and it feels exceptionally durable.

For my personal preference, I wish the handle was slightly lighter and the blade heavier for better balance. This will allow people like me to be able to cut easier.

Overall, I truly believe that this is a great product and a perfect addition to my kitchen tools!