about eonnigiriHi there! Glad to see there’s an interest in this page! My name is Camille. I am a graphic designer, now content creator, social media manager and blogger from Montreal, Canada. I love taking photos, learning languages, traveling, eating and making things with my hands. Anything that involves being creative! I believe that knowledge has no limit and I am always eager to know what is the next ‘thing’ out there.


I first started my Instagram blog (@eonnigiri) in 2017 with 2 close friends of mine while attending college. We wanted to share our love for cute local coffee shops in Montreal because there were so many in the city but not many people knew about them. Hence, we gave ourselves a mission to show these hidden gems to the world. Cafe crawling personally helped me break away from my studies and forced me to get out of the house.

After 2 years, I took over the account and oriented the page in a slightly different direction. I was covering restaurants on top of cafes and portraying food photography. Eventually my Instagram page became a food & coffee shop guide in Montreal. It was a turning point in my life as I started doing photography for some restaurants and became a content creator.


Why am I now writing blog articles although I have my Instagram? The reason for that is that I wanted to dedicate a place where I can talk about anything and everything without placing myself into one category. I am someone that is creative so I didn’t want to limit myself with my content in order to stay in a niche. Therefore, you can expect me to write about travels, diy crafting, tips and advices, beauty, anecdotes, and of course Montreal food guides. I hope to inspire you, to encourage you to try out different things or hobbies and to see you along my blogging journey!

Collaborations & Brands I worked with

le-groupe-antonopoulos               MTL a Table               foodora
peroni-italia-beer               stm               Yumi-organics
Mikado Go           maison oflore           O the Montreal