How to create your own candles (DIY)

Doesn’t fall call for warm and cozy vibes? It’s a period when rain pours down a lot which makes you want to stay in bed and watch movies all day. To make it more pleasant, lighting up a candle would perfect to set the mood and to get you relaxed. I recently learned how to make my own candles at home and it has become such a fun and therapeutic activity. The best part is that it costs much less than buying one in store and you can prepare a whole batch for the cold Winter or give some out as gifts! I don’t know about you but it makes me happy when I know someone spent time making something for me 🙂

If you like that idea, why not learn how to make them with me!


  • Jar
  • Soy Wax
  • Wick
  • Wick Holder or Chopsticks
  • Thermometer
  • Essential Oil
  • Glue Gun or Glue Dots
  • Soy Dye (if you want to colour it)
  • Labels (optional)

You can find all the above items on my Amazon page if you ever don’t know what to get exactly.


1.  Measure the wax that you need to put in the jar and double it in the glass bowl.

2.  Melt the wax by putting the bowl over boiling water in a pot and keep stirring.

temperature candle making

3.  Add the essential oil(s) and dye (optional) into the melted wax at 180-185°F and stir for a bit. Once it’s done, turn off the heat.

essential oil candle

Temperature is very important when making candles. You can’t just add the fragrance or pour your wax into your jar at any time. If the wax is too hot, the scent won’t stay as long!

4.  Attach the wick with the glue dot or glue gun to the bottom of your jar.

5.  Slowly pour the wax into your jar when it reaches 140°F.

6.  Place the wick holder or the chopsticks on both sides to position the wick to the middle.

poured diy candle

7.  Let it rest for about 4 hours at room temperature. If there are cracks or holes after, you can add in more wax on top and decorate. I would also advise to wait 24 hours before using the candle.


Leaving the best part for last, there are different ways to make your candles look pretty and to get creative! You can colour your candle or make colour layers while you’re still melting the wax. I personally like to keep mine in one tone. I decorate my candles by making and sticking a customized label and topping them with dried flowers, petals or fruits! You can easily purchase them or dry them out yourself. For the fruits, I simply cut thin slices of a citrus fruit crosswise and put them in the oven until they look fully dry (~2 hours). Instead of decorating the surface, you could also put the decorations inside the candle as you pour in the wax!

handmade dried citrus fruit

So now, you know about everything to make your own DIY candles. It’s a creative indoor activity that you can do with friends, family or for yourself. What’s cool about this, is that you can give your candle whatever scent you like and decorate it to your liking. You can use it later or give it as a gift! If you have any questions or additional ideas for this tutorial just let me know in the comments!

Have fun!