How to deal with post travel blues?

Do you sometimes feel down after coming back from a trip?

Returning to our previous daily routine is not always easy. Especially if you work right after you land home. I did not want to accept reality when I came back to work and I simply wanted to continue staying in Greece or further travel in Europe. When that happened, I reminisced a lot about what I used to do abroad and the places I’ve visited. And I realized that when I travel, I forget where I have visited after a few years. So when people ask me for recommendations of places and restaurants when going to the countries I have gone to before, I have trouble remembering and telling them where to go. That is why I started making a travel agenda (like a bullet journal) and making travel photobooks which are faster and easier to create.

Now, I know we live in a digital world where we just store all our photos in our phones and computers but there is something gratifying about having your own physical copy of your travel photos and memories. With a photobook you can put in more personality into it by designing it or adding writing on it. It’s just more fun than simply swiping photos on a screen.

With Photobook Worldwide, I was able to print and make my book in a second. You can also create other custom prints for home decor, cards, stationary and many other things on their website and phone app. They have templates and simple design tools online that will make the creating process fast and easy for you.

I chose Photobook Worldwide because I have printed with them before. I made and gave a travel book to my parents on Christmas and they really loved it! It’s a great present for family and friends for any occasion. And, I was also very satisfied with the service and the quality of the book so why not print more every time I travel?

With that said, I really enjoy making photobooks after my trips and they help me remember where I have been to so I reached out to Photobook Worldwide to give you the same opportunity. They were so kind to gift all my followers a FREE 6 x 6 simple book like the one I made after my Greece trip. You can simply make your book on their app and put in my voucher code “CAMOMILLEPBWW” when you check out! You have until November 30th to redeem that offer and you get 20 pages to fill in + a cover photo (shipping is not included).

Their app is available for Apple and for Android!