My Instagram Journey

Hello and welcome to my blog!

For those who may not know me or who are curious of how I got into Instagram and became a foodie, I have been on the platform for a bit more than 2 years now. It first started with wanting to learn photography and Instagram played a big role as an online gallery. Sometimes, social media management is part of graphic design job requirements and being a graphic designer myself, I believed that it was important for me to venture in it and to learn how to manage an account.

I first created my @eonnigiri account with 2 close friends of mine. I pitched out the idea of making and sharing the page together as we visited different cute spots in Montreal. They mostly consisted of coffee shops and after a few visits it made me realize that my city had so many nice local cafes that should be more known and supported. This Instagram page motivated me to discover new places everyday, learn more about my home city and try out different food.

I only officially became a ‘Foodie’ in Summer 2018 after I met my now-friend Helena at a networking event. This girl opened me up to the world and community of foodies on Instagram and since then I have been meeting so many great people and got into food photography. If you look at my page you can tell I love exploring places while sharing the interior look and the meals that they serve. Why interiors? Simply because I love design, architecture, and knowing how a restaurant looks like before I go there.

My daily routine has become work during the week, and foodie/cafecrawler by evening and weekend! Now I am ready to dive into the world of blogging and I hope you will enjoy this new journey of mine as much as I do!